About Yogavedic - Yoga Techniques & Ayurvedic Products

Yogavedic has been established to bring you the best of Yoga techniques and Ayurvedic products, in an easy and accessible form.

We have researched and developed what we believe is the world’s first bespoke sutra cord. This has been manufactured using soft silicone cord, with a marker for nasal entry.

We introduce cleansing techniques such as Jala Neti using Himalayan Crystal Salts, so that these ancient practices can easily become part of your daily routine.

The benefits will include:-

  • More energy and vitality!
  • Less prone to allergies such as hay fever & asthma, colds
  • Ease and cure muscle pain
  • Improve overall fitness & flexibility
  • Brighter eyes, clearer skin
  • General feeling of well-being